Pawan Kalyan first ever tweet on films

It’s a rare case of Pawan Kalyan tweeting about a movie when he has not done this about his own movies! Well, ‘Dangal’ and Aamir Khan have come in for huge praise from Powerstar.

Pawan Kalyan Praised Aamir Khan
Pawan Kalyan Praised Aamir Khan

Describing ‘Dangal’ as a peerless, matchless and outstanding biopic, Pawan says that he felt his conscience would choke him if he didn’t talk about the experience. This is the first time that the actor has used such glowing terms to praise a movie.

Calling Aamir a sublime performer, he lavished praise on him as a favorite of millions across the globe. “Our country should take pride in this wonderful actor and a captivating story teller,” Pawan tweeted.

Besides appreciating the four girls, he said director Nitish Tiwari made it as a soul-stirring and engrossing movie. Well, on the whole, in his style, Pawan mentioned the essentiality of women empowerment.

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