Pawan Kalyan finally gives his nod to do a film in Blockbuster producer banner

Dil Raju is one the top producer of Telugu films. He is one of the very few producers who enjoy star status. He has a big dream of producing a film with Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Dil Raju has revealed his dream on several occasions in the past. The latest buzz suggests that Dil Raju is inching slowly inching towards his dream.

Pawan Kalyan with Dil Raju
Pawan Kalyan with Dil Raju

It is known that there are rumours in the media that Pawan will do only one film after PK25 and he will stop working on movies to focus on politics. Dil Raju is a worried man because he is going to miss the opportunity of producing Pawan film if Pawan really stops working in films.

He didn’t delay further he went to the shooting location of PK25 and met him. Dil Raju revealed that he talked about their project and Pawan told him ‘Come up with a good script. I have no objection to work in your production if the story is good’. Dil Raju is saying that he is now searching for good stories which are suitable to Pawan’s image.

It is known that Dil Raju has distributed most of Pawan films in Nizam area from ‘Tholiprema’. If Pawan film materializes, it is going to be a crazy project for sure.

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