Pawan Kalyan Fell Down on the stage

Some of the fans will get over enthusiasm when they meet their favorite celebs but the stars will have to pay the price for it. The same happened with Janasena president, Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan Kalyan Fell Down From Stage
Pawan Kalyan Fell Down From Stage

An unexpected event took place when Janasenani was ready to speak on the stage today at Ayodhya Grounds in Vizianagaram. A diehard fan of Pawan got on to the stage and held of Pawan Kalyan’s legs from the back. The sudden incident made Pawan Kalyan immediately fall down due to the force of the fan. The security staff was taken aback but immediately lifted Pawan Kalyan and handed over that fan to the police. It is known that Pawan Kalyan is extremely busy with the campaigns in the wake of elections.

April 11th is the polling day and the results will be out on May 23rd. We have to wait and see which political party is going to come into power this time.

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