Pawan Kalyan fans upset with Bunny?

Pawan Kalyan Fans upset with Bunny
Pawan Kalyan Fans upset with Bunny

It is well aware that during the 60th Birthday bash of Megastar Chiranjeevi, mega brother Nagababu has given a fitting answer to the crazy fans who always chants ‘Pawan Kalyan’ and ‘Power Star’ at every Mega Event. He made it clear that Pawan Kalyan always gets invited for every function of mega family, but he doesn’t’ attend. Naga Babu challenged Pawan Fans to stage protest before Pawan’s House and Office to know why doesn’t attend mega functions.

Naga Babu went on to say that there will be no star when Chiranjeevi again starts doing films and every star will be only next to him. During this speech, Ram Charan tried his best to hide his emotions but Allu Arjun was seen enjoying and he even encouraged Naga Babu by continuous clapping.

As per sources, a section of Pawan Fans were upset with Bunny for the way he behaved. They couldn’t understand why Allu Arjun, who always claims to be a big fan of Pawan, behaved in that way.

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