Pawan Kalyan Fans Circulates RIP RGV Message

A few days ago (exactly on September 30th) Ram Gopal Varma compared Mahesh Babu Twitter followers with Pawan Kalyan twitter followers. In his series of tweets, he presumably said that Pawan fans and followers are illiterate’s compare to Mahesh fans. Pawan fans have no idea about what Twitter is; it is the reason for Pawan Kalyan lacking behind Mahesh Babu in followers race, Ram Gopal Varma said.

Ram Gopal Varma clashes with Pawan Kalyan fans
Ram Gopal Varma clashes with Pawan Kalyan fans

Miffed by these tweets, Pawan Kalyan fans made a picture of Ram Gopal Varma’s demise and posted it on social networking sites. This image has a heading of “Ram Gopal Varma’s sudden death”. It followed with “Cinema Industry is Happy with the death of RGV. Everyone is in celebrations.”

Irked with the picture, Ram Gopal Varma tweeted about it by once again outraging Pawan Kalyan fans as “Illiterate.”

Ram Gopal Varma Tweeted as “Like I said this is reality of PK fans. Hope they will get less uncivilised and his Twitter following will increase.”

RGV suggested that Pawan Kalyan should bother more about his fans rather than farmers. He said that Pawan should start a school and shall educate his fans.

Ram Gopal Varma said that being a fan of PK, Pawan fans illiteracy will make him embarrassed.

He further addressed Pawan Kalyan’s fans as technically handicapped can’t kill his thoughts.

He further irritated Pawan Kalyan Fans by asking Mahesh Babu fans to translate his tweets to Pawan fans as part of social service.

At last he suggested Pawan Kalyan to work for the development of his own fans rather than farmers, because farmers never bought his tickets.

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