Pawan Kalyan completes Komaram Puli dubbing

Power star Pawan Kalyan worked hard to complete the dubbing part of his role for his upcoming film "Komaram Puli".He worked more than 17 hours in one night and finished this job.

Pawan Kalyan almost enacts his scenes in the dubbing studio to ascertain correct expression through his voice. We hear in one scene Pawan Kalyan was on his knees to get the realistic feel for a very important scene.

Known as a perfectionist, Pawan Kalyan ensured that every change in the pitch and tone of his voice matches well with the need and vision of his character in the film.

Thats the dedication powerstar shows towards his movies.Producer is planning to go for censor in next week and if all goes well, it will release on august 11th as planned earlier.

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