Pawan Kalyan completed 10 Reels Dubbing

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s much awaited movie "Komaram Puli" is gearing up for its release on August 18th. Pawan has completed dubbing for 10 reels out of 14 reels for this flick and has been down with high fever.New girl Nikesha Patel is pairing up with Pawan in this flick.

Producer, Singanamala Ramesh is trying to release this movie on august 18th provided Pawan recovers soon and completes the dubbing for remaining 4 reels.

Movie is also facing threat from Telangana activists who are trying to stop the release in few districts of telangana and trying to extract money.

Theatrical trailer was released with annoucement that movie is coming in august.If all goes well, movie will release on august 18th, else it will come for Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s birthday.

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