Pawan Kalyan To Bid Goodbye To Movies

After the launch of his party ‘Jana Sena’, a lot of speculations were being made regarding the star’s farewell to Cinema.


Power Star Pawan Kalyan has now come out in the open to answer all the speculations.

“Movies is the only thing I know. I used to work for 100 days a year for my films. However, after the launch of the party,I would only be able to provide 50 days for my film projects. I will devote my remaining time to the party and welfare of the people.”, said Pawan Kalyan.

With his take on Cinema and politics quite clear, his fans can now heave a sigh of relief as he wouldn’t be disappearing from the silver screen. He,however, remained tight-lipped over his upcoming projects.

Only time will tell how this Power Star will fare on both-the political and cinematic fronts.

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