Pawan Kalyan at Vinod Royal Home

We have already reported the tragic incident in which Vinod Royal, a Pawan Kalyan fan from Tirupathi, was murdered by a fan of Jr NTR.

Pawan Kalyan at Vinod Royal House
Pawan Kalyan at Vinod Royal House

After learning about this incident a bit lately, Pawan expressed shock and anguish at fan wars. Today, Pawan Kalyan went to Tirupathi to meet Vinod’s family members. Already, fans of Pawan have gathered in large number at Vinod’s house, and they are raising ‘Johar Vinod’ slogans. Almost 20 thousand crowd gathered at Vinod Royal house now. Pawan’s reaction to this situation is awaited. He is expected to appeal to his fans not to take fan wars to extreme end.

Vinod was murdered by a Jr NTR fan in Kolaru, Karnataka. It was a small scuffle related to their favorite stars, but the hasty action of the culprit to stab Vinod with a knife resulted in his death even before he was taken to a hospital.

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