Pawan Kalyan Assets List

Janasena Party chief Pawan Kalyan has submitted all his assets, liabilities, family details, children (three) and properties on his children details to the election commission for Janasena party registration. Pawan Kalyan’s Total Assets and Properties Value worth is “Seventeen Crores Seventy Seven Lakhs Seventy Eight Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Six Only” (Rs 17,77,78,376).

Here is Pawan Kalyan’s Total Assets List

Cash in Hand – Rs 89,000
Bank Deposits- Rs 3,13,29,229
Other Deposits – Rs 4,13,54,423
Cash in Finance companies – Rs 2,90,000
Bonds & Debentures- Rs 4,55,207
Mutual Funds- Rs 1,43,29,105
LIC & Postal Deposits – Rs 40,31,000
Two Bikes Value– Rs 20,31,409
Two Benz Cars Value- Rs 1,86,79,149
Skoda Car Value– Rs 27,67,208
Gold Value- Rs 80,000
Hand Loans to others – Rs 5,81,99,129
Machinery Value – Rs 23,58,863
3rd wife Anna Lezhneva assets – Rs 74,548
Properties on Three kids Value – Rs 17,10,106.

Total Assets – Rs. 17,77,78,376 (17.77 crore)

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