Pawan disappointed fans while Mahesh impressed them!

Mahesh Babu Pawan Kalyan Thullur

Power Star Pawan Kalyan disappointed fans in USA saying that he will not be attending the TANA meeting in Detroit. Pawan is presently busy with the Farmer related activities in Thullur region. Hence, he was not able to attend that meeting in USA.

It seems that several big shots tried to convince Pawan for that event but the Power Star felt that his presence was needed by the Farmers in the state. Instead of Pawan, they now went for Mahesh Babu. As per the information, Mahesh impressed the Tollywood fans of USA saying that he will attend the TANA meeting.

Finally, Pawan disappointed fans in USA with his decision while Mahesh impressed them by giving a nod. Of course, Pawan has a valid and respectful reason for saying no to them. Hope fans in USA understands it.

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