Pawan crossed the opposition party status

Pawan Kalyan Thullur Tour

Power Star Pawan Kalyan got immense craze in Farmers in AP. It is a fact that the one who gets Farmers craze has highest change to win the throne in the state. Interestingly, people in the upcoming capital region of Andhra Pradesh, mentioned that Pawan is working well for them.

They further invited Pawan to their homes. On the other hand, few of them fired on opposition leader Jagan. With this, analysts were saying that Pawan crossed the fame of the opposition party. If “Jana Sena” stands in upcoming elections, we can expect it to cross opposition party and compete with the leading party.

Pawan stated that he will be with the Farmers till the end of land settlements. Only after he sees all the Farmers with happy smiles, Pawan stated that he will go back to Hyderabad.

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