Pawan attacks Jagan; becomes Modi’s favourite

The TDP – BJP campaign meeting that was held in Tirupati received some rocking response as thousands gathered on the soil of the divine Seven Hills to view some mind blowing speech from none other than Power Star Pawan Kalyan.


Pawan, the chief of Jana Sena Party who is actively campaigning for BJP and TDP cohesively, took an open strike against Jagan’s movement in Seemandhra. The crowd went into frenzy as Pawan got ballistic and shot question after question as to why people of Andhra are tolerating the atrocities of Jagan’s party there. He continued with his attack on KCR, who mocked the TDP – BJP – Jana Sena summation as three strikes of Lord Venkateshwara in a mocking tone. Pawan reacted to the ‘moodu panganamalu’ statement from KCR saying that it all depends on the people’s birth culture when they see things in a stupid perspective. He retaliated that he will not get anything, not even a penny by campaigning for BJP and that he is doing this for the right of the Telugu land.

Pawan’s open allegations on the corrupt Congress and Jagan’s party made the crowd cheer loud. While Modi sat and watched with admiration, TDP chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu took the reigns from the Power Star with a double dose of energy to highlight the unfairness shown to Seemandhra in the name of State Divide.

Pawan Kalyan left a tremendous impact on the BJP Prime Ministerial Candidate Narendra Modi who expressed that he was shaken by Pawan’s emotions for the Telugu people. His sentiments about the unfair divide left a commendable impression on Modi who promised a better future for Seemandhra if they elect TDP and BJP. The election slot for Tirupati is due on May 7th.

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