Patel SIR Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Patel SIR
Movie Cast Jagapathi Babu, Padmapriya Janakiraman
Director Vasu Parimi
Music Director DJ Vasanth
Production Company Varahi Chalana Chitram
Release Date July 14, 2017

Many actors has gone without traces after their time passed. Generations has come and old actors are seen nowhere. Jagapathi Babu who was a celebrated family hero has gone into oblivion as an actor when his time passed as hero and resurfaced as a villain in Legend directed by Boyapati Sreenu and Nannaku Prematho directed by Sukumar. He has become care of address for stylish villain and father roles in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam industries. There has been a lot of fan following growing up for the roles he is choosing and he is coming back as a hero with the stylish avatar under the direction of Vasu Parimi, produced by Sai Korrapati of Varahi Chalana Chitram. Let’s see how it works on us as it is releasing today.


Patel Sir Poster
Patel Sir Poster

He (Jagapathi Babu) who is called as Patel is a celebrated Army major and he wants his son Vallabha (Jagapathi Babu) to become another one in Army, but his son disobeys his want and he chooses to become doctor due to which he is thrown out of the house. He reunites with his son when his wife fell sick due to the clash between father and son and everything seem to be happy after that reunion of father and son. Then an incident happens in their family which turns Patel into someone who kills to take revenge. What is the incident that prompted Patel to take revenge? How he execute his plan? Forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Jagapathi Babu is terrific in his role of Patel and he has given his best in action sequences. He proved his expertise in emotional sequences which comes in second half and grabs the attention. He also played the character of Vallabha, son of Patel which he pulled it off so easily. Aamani is good in her brief role. Tanya Hope is nice in her role as investigative officer Katherine. Padma Priya is good as Vallabha’s wife and Subhaleka Sudhakar is good as a good friend of Patel. Kabir is as usual in his role.

Writing Department

Jagapathi babu in Patel Sir
Jagapathi babu in Patel Sir

Story of Patel Sir is simple and routine and screenplay is filled with more violence. Dialogues are okay and situational.

Technical Departments

Songs composed by DJ Vasanth are okay. His background score also don’t have much to talk about. Cinematography by Syam K Naidu is good and he has shot some nice visuals. Editing by Gowtham Raju is okay as he can chop few scenes out of the movie to make it more racy and crispy. Action sequences are composed well and production values are rich and apt.

Jagapathi Babu

Routine story

Patel sir is the movie which is tailor made for an actor like Jagapathi Babu. It is his one man show and he proved his acting prowess. First half of the movie has more action sequences and violence than story which makes the movie boring and tedious and also makes the audience to believe it as a routine thriller. Second half is where the director choose to justify the killings of Patel sir and the emotional sequences are handled quite well and in a matured way. Jagapathi Babu’s characterization is well written and director and his writing team could have concentrated more on plot and its twists rather than opting for a routine story. Director Vasu Parimi has succeeded only in making emotional sequences and failed to handle the movie and it’s screenplay to engage the audience. The character written for Jagapathi Babu gives him a lot of scope to perform as he is busy performing stylish protagonist and father roles. To sum up, Patel Sir fails to impress.

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