Parvathy Reveals Shocking and Sensational facts about Casting Couch in Malayalam Industry

Parvathy has been riding high on the success of her latest release Take Off, but she had to deal with her fair share of struggles and rejections before reaching the comfortable position that she is in today.

Actress Parvathy
Actress Parvathy

While talking to leading talk show, the actress revealed why her acting career came to a staggering halt and how she chose to say ‘no’ to the menacing phenomenon called casting couch even during her trying times.

When quizzed about the presence of casting couch in Malayalam film industry, the actress unabashedly said, “Of course there is casting couch in the Malayalam industry. I’m sure that you know that and I know a lot of people know that. I don’t understand why it comes as a surprise at all. It is there in many other industries also. It’s a reality, why are we even shocked about it?.. I haven’t faced casting couch in any other industry, including Tamil, Kannada Hindi but only in Malayalam industry. It was sort of an obligation. See we gave you the break and I was like what break dude? I already did my job and I don’t think I have to do anything more.”

Out of work for a significant amount of time, Parvathy was asked and expected to make sexual favors but she held her ground and refused to succumb to industry pressure. Known as the lady Prithviraj of film fraternity, Parvathy was subjected to body shaming by veterans.

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