Parvathy Omanakkuttan liplocks in Bollywood movie!

Everybody remember Parvathy Omanakkuttan? Of course, who can forget the tall Malayali beauty who won Miss India and went on to the world beauty arena to miss the crown by a tiny margin.


Well, as with all the beauty queens of our proud nation who went on to become top stars in show biz, Parvathy too has her sights set on the marquee.

Yes, though the angelic young lady made a rather terrible first entry in to the world of movies in the little known Malayalam movie KQ, which was a failure on all accounts, she now has firmly planted her foot in the Mumbai film industry and her first starring Hindi movie, Pizza, is set to release this July. It is a remake of a Tamil movie by the same name and its set to come out in 3D!

But wait, that’s not all – proving that she’s here to play the game as hard as anyone in the field, the hottie has decided to start things off with a sizzle – a liplock scene with the hero, Akshay Oberoi!

Yes, the horror movie, set to the tone of a Hollywood flick, released its trailer recently and it shows a brief glimpse of what looks like a fairly hot ‘making out’ scene between the couple, amidst some disturbing and haunting bits of ‘ghostly terror’.
And true to its nature, the audience did notice the sneak peak and has since turned its heads collectively to pay more attention to the upcoming flick directed by Akshay Akkineni.

After all, nothing mixes like sex, violence and horror in cinema, and maybe Parvathy is making the right decision by marketing herself first by her obvious assets before she can count on the audience to notice her talent and passion.
The film is being produced by UTV Motion Pictures and is slated for release on July 18.

Watch the trailer below:

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