Parineeti spent 10 Lakh to reduce weight

Bollywood heroines may not select a perfect story to act in but always maintain a perfect figure. They even go through surgeries to look good. Few heroines go through the tough process i.e. they will be on a long period of diet and shed some weight. Quiet opposite are few, who instantly lose weight by surgeries.

Parineethi Chopra turns slim
Parineethi Chopra turns slim

To this list of losing weights, a new addition has been made. Parineeti Chopra, who was last in Kill Dill, took enough time to lose some extra weight and become fit. Some time ago, Parineeti Chopra posed for a magazine cover page. In the photo shoot, Pari looked in a nice and slim body, for which she undergone a strict diet for several months.

Parineeti has earlier said that she is gonna give a break to her films. In her break time, she focused on trimming her body.

Reportedly, she joined an Austria based spa for various treatments of weight loss. The spa primarily checks the health condition of the client, tests whether suitable for the course, if suitable then draw a diet plan. For the process above they will be charging 5-10 lakh.

This Spa is much famous in Bollywood for its diet plans. Many Bollywood celebs have visited the spa to cure their physical problems. Ranbir Kapoor too visited the spa, which helped him in quit smoking.

From the drastic change of her, Parineeti advises of “It’s not enough to lose weight, but should feel fit from the inside.”

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