Parineeti Chopra’s view on wearing bikini


Cute Bollywood heroine Parineeti Chopra commented on the aspect of wearing a bikini. This babe told the media that her avatar doesn’t suit much for bikini at present and hence she wouldn’t be trying it out in her upcoming ventures. She mentioned that if she reduces her weight and if she feels that she is apt for that attire, she will surely go for it if the script and the story demands.

Parineeti Chopra is considered to be a matured heroine in Bollywood. She has few top rated views on various aspects. Recently, one journalist got the shock of his life when Parinithi fired on him for asking her a question on lip lock and sexy romantic scenes.

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She mentioned that there will be two persons while doing lip lock or romantic scenes and she questioned the media that why they are just asking the heroines leaving the males. In the recent times, few heroines are facing tough times for not looking too good in bikinis. Yami Gautham was kicked out of project due to this reason. In this scenario, Parinithi might have decided to put a check mark for no bikini in future in Bollywood.

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