Parineeeti Chopra Clarifies on Bikini body

Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra, who was earlier branded as one of the most talented actress, was also criticized for her chubby physique and she had to lose many projects due to not being fit.

Praineeti Chopra Bikini
Praineeti Chopra Bikini

The chubby girl has recently stunned and silenced all her critics with her sexy photoshoot. Parineeti claimed that she worked hard for 8 months to get that killer body. Her photoshoot pics went viral on social media, and men started to drool over her.

The same people who criticized Parineeti earlier for being chubby, are now criticizing her saying that she lost kilos only to sport in a bikini.

Parineeti got very upset as her hard work is branded as an effort to sport the bikini.

Parineeti clarified that she just wanted to get in shape and maintain a healthy body but not wanted to sport bikinis.

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