Parents pleading court to hand over Swetha to them!

Swetha Basu Prasad’s parents came into the limelight. They were now pleading Hyderabad court to handover their daughter to them. They promised the court that they will take good care of Swetha Basu Prasad. They even mentioned that she needs their love and caring in this situation.


Few days back, Swetha Basu Prasad gave statement to the media that lack of money forced her into the wrong path. She even stated that her family members too didn’t respond to her during this span. She felt quite lonely and hence government decided to give her counseling in all possible ways to set her career and life back into the track.

Now, her parents too realized that her daughter needs them in this situation. They kept their ego aside and came forward to help Shwetha in this situation. They requested the court to allow them to take Shwetha back to their home. Court is yet to give its decision on this request.

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