Parama Veera Chakra movie review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

It is.
Supposed to be Bala Krishna’s grand follow up to his much awaited box office hit from last year.


Get this; the film has a good narrative, an actual narrative with a shifting screenplay and everything. The protagonist hero for once is not a ‘do good’ saint for no reason at all, he is all that in the parallel plot (that of Major. Jaya Simha), the main Bala Krishna (Hero Chakradhar) is a film star in the film. He’s attending shoots, we have cameos of directors and actors (sober cameos, was fun) and is listening to the story of Jaya Simha from a military officer. A little thinking would snap you out of this being a special screenplay, it is the same flashback move, but, with a new touch (new when talking Telugu cinema).


Chakradhar is greatly inspired from the Jaya Simha story and is all pumped up when the military men reveal that they want him to replace Major Simha for real and not for playing him in a film.


What’s good?
The screenplay came as a major shocker and despite the over dramatic Bala Krishna on screen, the first half was fun.

The reel life of Chakradhar wherein he plays the legendary Komaram Bheem and Ravanasura was some good writing worth paying for.


What went wrong aka obvious mistakes?
The folk tale narrative to Komaram Bheem’s story was ingenuity only to get wasted with Dasari and Bala Krishna, a major insult to Bheem’s revolutionary chronicles.


And of course we have the perfect skin show girls who get romanced with at every given chance and bring in the clichéd porn show into the film.


Whatever be the character he’s playing, Bala Krishna denies being anyone but himself. Might as well accept the fact that the dude is fun for whatever reasons and better not pull a brain muscle over it.


The screenplay’s gone dull in the second half and kills the little impact of the first half too.
Not much loss in giving it a try though.

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