Pappu Review

Rating: 2.25/5

Critic Rating: (2.25/5)

It’s about?


Krishnudu’s Pappu movie is an entertainer and movie. Director has tried to make the audience laugh in every scene, but he is not succeeded. The movie is not a full length laughing riot, it has fun in bits and parts.




Pappu (Krishnudu) is the most unlucky chap since childhood and he is teased by everyone always. Pappu works for a company owned by Banerjee. He falls in love with his Boss’s daughter Radha (Deepika); she too works in the same office. Radha gets kidnapped and The Boss (Benerji) hires a Detective Ram (Subba Raju) to rescue his daughter. Ram takes Pappu also along with him to find her. The rest of the story is on predictable lines ending in an expected climax.




Krishnudu is well set for the title ‘Pappu’ role. Krishnudu, somehow, overcomes his obese bulk and gives a bubbly and ebullient performance.


Deepika is making her Telugu movie debut and she doesn’t really suit for the character.


Subba Raju has also done a decent performance. Subba Raju fits the role of a detective and does very well and his chemistry with Krishnudu in the movie is good.


Other actors like Benarjee, Uttej, Shiva Reddy and Gundu Hanumanth Rao chip in with their regular does of contributions.


What is good?


Few fun filled Scenes.


Highlight of the movie is the background scores of hit movies in the background reminding you of a formula tried in old movies yet it still is effective in making the audience giggle.


What is bad?


Choice of the Heroine, her dubbing doesn’t sync with her lip movement.


Weak Screenplay, Narration.




‘Pappu’ movie is an ordinary movie it could have been much better. If you are free you can watch it once.


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