Paper Boy Telugu Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Paper Boy
Movie Rating 2.5/5
Movie Cast  Santosh Sobhan, Priya Shri, Tanya Hope
Director Jaya Shankar
Music Director Bheems
Production Company Sampath Nandi
Release Date August 31, 2018

There are a lot of filmmakers who write and direct movies by themselves. They rarely become producers and introduce new directors. Sampath Nandi who is known for his commercial movies wrote and produced Galipatam, long back and now he wrote and produced Paperboy, introducing Jayashankarr as director. Santosh Sobhan, who debuted as actor in Thanu Nenu is main lead and Priya Shri, Tanya Hope are female leads. Many actors have tweeted about this movie and its promos. Promos so far released of the movie generate good buzz on the movie as a youthful love story and also the good promotions done by the team. Lets see how it works on us as it is releasing today into theatres.


Paper Boy Telugu Movie
Paper Boy Telugu Movie

Megha (Tanya Hope) is a girl who is about to die in a very short span due to a very rare disease. She then searches for the reason of her life and finds the love story of Ravi and Dharani. Ravi (Santosh Sobhan) is a paper boy who is also an engineering graduate. He decides to work as a paper boy to not to waste his time. He is impressed by a girl and his mentality which resemble him and falls for her. He gets to know her as Dharani (Priya Shri). They both become close and falls for each other despite the difference of their status. One day, Ravi goes to a birthday party of Dharani’s friend and Dharani gifts him a dress to attend that party. She introduces him as her boyfriend to everyone and she tells them that he works as a software engineer. Ravi gets hurt by this and becomes angry on Dharani and leaves her stating the status differences. Do they meet again?

Cast and Performance

Santosh Sobhan as Paper boy Ravi is good and has done a fine work in the role. He has those believable looks and body language required for the character and it is used correctly. Priya Shri as Dharani is good. Vidyullekha Raman is good in the brief role. Tanya Hope is fine. Annapurnamma is good as always. All the actors in the hero friends batch like Mahesh Vitta and others generate few laughs. Bithri Sathi is humorous. Posani Krishna Murali is fine. Two guys who acted as brothers of Dharani are good. All the actors has done a fine job.

Writing Department

Paper Boy 2018 Review
Paper Boy 2018 Review

The story of Paperboy is nothing new. The screenplay is mediocre and the dialogues are good.

Technical Departments

Songs composed by Beems Cecerilio are good. Bombay pothava raja song is already a chart buster.

He did a fine job in composing background score. Cinematography by Soundararajan is nice.

He shot some colorful and rich visuals. Editing is okay and it could have been better. Art department has done a fine job. Production values are rich.


Cinematography by Soundararajan
Couple of songs


Routine story


Paperboy is a love story of a rich girl and a poor boy. They both fall in love, falls apart with some misunderstandings and meet again through someone. Writer Sampath Nandi has done a very mediocre work in writing this love story and the writing seemed fresh in the beginning and becomes routine through the runtime. This mediocre writing has played a spoilsport and it hindered the smooth flow of the movie. Though songs are good to hear, they seem to be unnecessary at times. Bombay pothava raja which is a chartbuster disappointed on screen. First half has some good moments and second half falls flat. To sum up, this movie has failed to entertain the audience with its routine story and narration of rich girl and poor boy love story.

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