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Pandaga Chesko Review : It is a routine festival

S/O Sathyamurthy, Attarintiki Daredi, Mirchi among many other family entertainers…now, we have Pandaga Chesko here to spin a tale about two families and a love story with a twist. Under the direction of Gopichand Malineni, Ram tries to create magic after a long gap that he took from the industry.

A Still from Pandaga Chesko
A Still from Pandaga Chesko Movie Sets

Moving on with the story, it is about an NRI who lives in Portugal as a business tycoon with his family. He decides on marrying rich woman (Sonal Chauhan) for future business prospects as a practical man without many sentiments. But, eventually, when Karthik (Ram) finds out about this filial ties he has in India and the controversies surrounding his mother’s family prompts him to visit India and reunite the family. Uh, wasn’t he just a practical man?

Further, obviously, to make the story-line mainstream, Karthik falls in love with Divya (Rakul Preet) and has to decide what to do next. The story goes on to describe the events that occur after this so-called “plot twist” which we all could see coming from the start.


1. Ram, Rakul Preet and Sonal bring all the glamour that was needed for the film to the screen. Ram plays a suave NRI, Sonal does a great job being sassy business woman, and Rakul Preet wins hearts with her bubbly girl-next-door appeal. Even though Ram succeeds in being the perfect and stylish NRI, the storyline unfortunately fails him.

2. In the trailer itself, Brahmanandam managed to bring few giggles and again, he alone manages to be the reason for the laughter in the theatre. Brahmanandam as weekend Venkat Rao is the biggest plus point for this routine story.

3. First half of the movie is directed and shot tolerably, in hopes that the movie will get better. However, the second half of the movie collapses all the hopes.


Ram and Rakul Preet in Pandaga Chesko
Ram and Rakul Preet in Pandaga Chesko

1. Yes, you have already seen movies like this! And, no, it isn’t any different from the others. Family entertainers are a safe zone for many Telugu film-makers whenever they run out of scripts to choose from. We have seen the hero of the film pretend to be someone else to reunite the two families…oh well, let’s move on.

2. The movie also fails to bring out tears of joy or sorrow from the audience even though it is about two families. All the dialogues float on the surface and barely move our hearts. The plot gets confusing with the unnecessary number of characters and the audience will tend to lose interest after a point due to its predictability.

The movie’s soundtracks are sufficing for a mediocre movie like this which was composed by Thaman. Director Gopichand plays it way too safe with the below average screenplay but balances it will with the comedy. If you would like to have a hearty laugh with some glamour quotient to get your mind off of other things, this movie can be your go to.

As for Ram….well, good luck with your next movie!

“You already have seen this movie in other movies….nothing new!”

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