Panchakshari Movie Review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

It’s About?


Movie starts with the voice over of Mohan Babu who explains about the origin of human life and the respect to gods given by the people in India. Among those, temple of DURGA in JANAGAM is one of the famous. Our story revolves around that temple.




Anushka plays dual role in the movie. One as modern city girl ’Honey’ daughter to Najar who aspires to become a top fashion designer and the other is ‘PANCHAKSHARI’, born to Chandra Mohan’s couple on the footsteps of Janagam Durga temple where all the people of that village devote that girl as the symbol of the good living. There in the same village stays the goon Pradeep Rawat and he kills the panchakshari for some reason and he ordered to close the temple. And rest is the story you have to watch on screen why he killed the girl and how the city girl enters the village & takes the revenge on Pradeep ravat and how Najar and Chandra Mohan related etc.




Anushka who gave the tremendous performance in Arundathi slightly disappoints with this one. Choreography of the 1st song which was picturised on Honey is very good. I think make up doesn’t suited her as goddess that much but the emotions she showed are very well picturised on the screen. I remembered the actress SOUNDARYA in AMMORU movie while watching Anushka during the climax.


Samrat, the guy who acts as a friend to Siddharth in "Konchem Istham Konchem Kashtam" comes as hero in this one but he has no much role to play. Chandra Mohan, Najar, Sudha and all others did their characters well.


Brahmanandham did the cameo of Magadheera who thinks himself as KALA BHAIRAVA and keep trying to ANUSHKA (MitraVindha ) and character of Ali is OK.




On total, 1st half is little disappointing and second half is good. Music and photography is good at times. Can watch once for watching the performance of Anushka.

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