Pakistani actress in kidnap case

Pakistani film actress Meera has run into another controversy with the police including her name in the probe into a kidnapping case registered against her brother, Syed Ahsan Abbas, by his former wife.

A police station registered a case of kidnapping of a six-month-old child against Meera’s mother and two brothers about three weeks ago on the complaint of Asma Zohra, the former wife of Ahsan Abbas.

Zohra filed a complaint with police that she married Abbas around four years ago. The couple had differences later on and Zohra moved out of the house along with their son.

She alleged that Abbas, his brother Hassan and their mother Shafqat Bibi had forcibly taken away her son.

Race Course police station house officer, Azra Parveen, speaking to the media confirmed that Meera was today (August 5) included in the probe into the case, while her sister, Guriya was taken into custody.

Meera, flanked by famed dress designer Bee Gee, visited the women’s police station at Race Course to see her sister but avoided talking to the media. The actress had been at the heart of another controversy when reports and pictures of her own marriage with Atiq-ur-Rehman surfaced last year. (IANS)


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