Pakistan Court directs cops to book a case against actress Meera

In a hearing yesterday, Pakistan Court has directed the police to book a case against the known actress Meera and her husband for their alleged sex video that was circulated. The court slammed blatant accusations against the couple which released this video into the networks spreading obscenity and insulting the values of Islam.


A hearing presided by Additional District and Sessions Judge Safdar Bhatti has issued the order after the couple failed to appear for the hearing third time in a row. “A case should be registered against the couple in accordance with law and investigate their objectionable video” said the Order.

The petitioner who had filed the appeal earlier, Bashir Ahmed expressed his angst against the hideous act by the couple. “The couple also spread obscenity in society and challenged Islamic values” he retorted angrily, requesting the sourt to give exemplary punishment for their sinful act.

The couple had earlier reacted to this sex video. While Meera denied and stated that it was a fake, husband Navid gave a contradictory statement saying that since he and Meera were husband and wife there was no point in making the video controversial.

“We are a couple and those making hue and cry over our video should stop propagating against us” he said, sending some hate waves across the country known for its stringent values especially with women and matrimony.

Actress Meera was unavailable post the order to react to the Court directing the cops to take over.

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