Pak Actors Caught in Black Money Sting Operation

Amidst the hue and cry in the nation over the proposed demonetization as the final resort to curb black money, actors and filmmakers have reportedly started doing all their transactions in white.

Imran and Fawad
Imran and Fawad

Network 18 media house has recently conducted a sting operation and shockingly, several Pakistani artistes have been caught on tape asking for black money. The names of Fawad Khan and Imran Abbas are mainly circulating.

The said channel has contacted several celebs and asked them to be a part of one of its events. Fawad Khan has reportedly quoted Rs 50 lakh remuneration and asked 25 percent amount in black. He asked the remaining amount to be deposited in his offshore account. Imran Abbas on the other hand has reportedly quoted Rs 35 lakh remuneration and asked Rs 32 lakh to be provided in black and the remaining cash in white.

Many other names have not been disclosed.

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