Paisa Vasool Actress Kyra Dutt stranded in Mumbai airport

Hot actress Kyra Dutt has been stranded with thousands of people in Mumbai International Airport yesterday. Heavy rainfall has cut the transport connections within the city of Mumbai.

 Kyra Dutt stranded in Mumbai airport
Kyra Dutt stranded in Mumbai airport

Yesterday, the entire Nation of India has witnessed a never seen heavy rainfall in the business capital Mumbai and all the streets are flooded. As a result, almost all communications systems have been cut. Paisa Vasool actress Kyra Dutt who had been to Mumbai from Hyderabad has been stranded at the airport. She conveyed her whereabouts through her Twitter. She stated that she was stranded in Airport along with thousands of people and struggling to get home in heavy rains.

She is waiting for her debuting flick as an actress in Telugu, Paisa Vasool which is hitting screens on this Friday. She is known for her hot song Boochade in Race Gurram.

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