Paisa Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Director Krishna Vamshi’s Paisa starring Nani finally released after much waiting.  Though waiting for the release of the film for long lowered the expectations but definitely not the craze for a Krishna Vamsi and Nani film.

Hero Prakash (Nani) values money over everything else in life and is desperate for Money. He believes if he could make one crore rupees his life is settled. Noor( Catherine Tresa), a girl from the same old city cares and admires Prakash(Nani). Sweety ( Sidhika Sharma) is a rich Politician’s daughter who comes to old city for adventure and fun. Prakash believes the best short cut way to become a crore-pathi is to trap a rich girl. After Prakash meets Sweety, the tri-angular love story emerges between these three people.

On the other hand, Charan, a politician ( CM candidate) is getting ready with huge money of 50 crores  for distribution in upcoming elections in a very crucial constituency. How do these two stories criss-cross ? How did this money comes into the hands of Prakash ? How did the opponents of Charan(Politician) and other two rival gangs try to get back 50 crores ? Finally what happens is the story of the film.

In the first half there is an interesting sequence when Prakash ( Nani) tries to get the currency kite.

Some scenes are very predictable. We can find echo of Khadgam, in terms of film setting and characters.  Story misses clarity in what the Director wants to communicate. It seems Director Krishna Vamshi depends heavily on stereotyped characters and clichéd names for showing cultural diversities and representing different communities. Immature characters, screenplay that doesn’t gel well with the story and dialogues that do not workout, make an amateur film on screen.  It would have been better if the Director concentrated a lot more on story and screenplay.

Nani acted well and did justice to his expectations. Catherine looks beautiful on the screen. Sidhika Sharma did her part well and added glamour to the film. Nice to see Charan Raj after long but he is not able to make much impact.

Raja Ravinder perfectly suits the role, voice modulation and make up add much villainy to the character. Some characters, especially people in gangs, behave in an eccentric way.

New Music Director Sai Karthik, has done a decent work. Cinematographer Santosh Roy work in especially in songs is good but too many wide-angle shots felt unnecessary. Colour grading is terribly bad. Special Effects and Visual Effects used indiscriminately make scenes look funny. Editing would have been better.

In a nutshell, Paisa is worth watching once for Nani’s commendable performance, beautiful Catherine and glamorous Sidhika Sharma.


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