Paid slapping service turned hot topic in actress life!

Gauhar Khan Slap

Actress Gauhar Khan was slapped in the public few days by Akil Malik. He later mentioned that she wore short dresses for public events, in spite of being a Muslim. This raised the levels of curiosity of the audience on this issue. Now, Akil Malik is giving a different version statement, which shocked audience.

He mentioned that Gauhar Khan asked him to slap in the public to raise the publicity. Akil Malik further mentioned that Gauhar Khan paid him for slapping her in the public. This version from Akil is now creating suspense in this topic.

Few people who are from Gauhar Khan’s side mentioned that Akil is making these comments just to escape from this case. They further mentioned that no actress will try this sort of sequence for the sake of publicity. We have to see how this case goes!

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