Padesave Movie Review – Routine Triangular Love story

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Content is the king of all trades. If we have talent and required content, there are many out there to encourage us. Once such a person, who always encourage new talents is King Nagarjuna. He is now encouraging lady director Chunia for her debut film. Director Chunia worked under Director Raghavendra Rao for Several Years and finally she makes her Own Film and hold the Megaphone as debut director with Padesave Movie. This movie released today produced under Ayan Creations. Let’s see how it works on us.


Karthik (Karthik Raju) is a jobless junk artist who is always scolded by his father for his deeds. Niharika (Nithya Shetty) is a childhood friend of Karthik and his neighbour. They both meet after and Niharika falls for Karthik. On the day of Niharika’s birthday Karthik sees Swathi and feels sensation in his heart. He falls for Swathi and triangular love story begins. Swathi is engaged to Rahul with the wish of Swathi’s father. Karthik accidentally proposes Niharika through a greeting card on her birthday. Who loves whom and to whom Karthik gets married forms rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Karthik Raju, Nithya Shetty in Padesave
Karthik Raju, Nithya Shetty in Padesave

Debutant Karthik Raju as Karthik is good. He has a lot to improve with his dialogue delivery and his facial expressions. He doesn’t look like a hero in some angles. Nithya Shetty as Niharika is good. She also has a lot to improve. She looks beautiful on screen. Another heroine as Swathi did good job. She looks good on screen. Naresh as hero’s father is good. Anita as hero’s mother is good and she has done her role well. She is excellent and reminds us of Suhasini at times. Debutant Actor who played hero’s friend is good. Raashi as actor Tara and a divorced mother performed well in her role. Krishnudu did commendable job in his limited role. Ali did a fantastic job.His performance for desperado song is superb. The one who played Rahul is nice. Actors who played small roles did good job.

Writing Department

Plot of the story is old and routine. It is a triangular love story. Screenplay by Chunia is mediocre and it is gripping in places. Dialogues by Kiran are good to some extent. Comedy written for Hero’s friend Vishwa is good but it is pale at times. Extra care should have taken while scripting.

Technical Departments

Padesave Movie Poster
Padesave Movie Poster

Songs composed by Anup Rubens are okay. Just two songs are melodious in the entire album. His background music is good. But it is not his best work. Cinematography by Kanna Kunapareddy is impressive. His visuals in songs are superb. They are shot with rich production values. Editing by K. Dharmendra is just okay. There is a lot to be done to the movie. Production Values of Ayan Creations are good.


  • Some comedy scenes
  • Visuals in songs
  • Ali’s Desperado song


  • Routine Triangular Love story


Movie begins with hero Karthik trying to impress a girl in vegetable market followed by a fight and a song for his entrance. These all just seem to be in a formulaic way. This half has some comedy scenes of hero’s friend which works at times and some moments between hero and heroine. Situation where triangular love story begins is impressive. The emotion depth between Swathi and her mother actor Tara lacks necessary emotional depth. This half ends in a confusing way where hero knows that he proposed Niharika accidentally. Second half begins in a routine way of our telugu movies where hero and his friends start assessing the accidental proposal. Speech in a marriage ceremony look odd which is placed in second half to generate some emotional depth in hero’s family. Ali who enters in second half is saving grace of a this half with desperado song. To sum up, Padesave is just another triangular love story which has nothing new.

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