P.K’s Trailer gets a UA Certificate with the Nxxe Scene!

The movie that had been in the talks for each and every move, Rajkumar Hirani’s P.K has for its promo has managed to get a UA Certificate, with its nxxe scene intact! Surprised?

PK Trailer got U/A Certificate

Well! Central Board of Film Certification doesn’t fail to surprise us all. The promo was awarded a UA certificate and the much hyped nude scene has not been deleted or asked to be toned down. It will be going as it is, without any changes.

Recently, CBFC’s certification criterion and policies were largely discussed, as the Board has raised objections upon the terms like Virgin and portrayal of large ass on screen, but they are completely ok with a nude man on train track, holding a transistor.

Releasing December 19th P.K has been on everyone’s radar. But before that we are waiting for the Trailer, which will be unveiled soon.

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