More P.K Posters to release soon!

After the very first nude poster for P.K, Aamir Khan has reaped some really mixed reviews. And grapevine has it that there are many more posters lined up.


Yes! The nude poster has successive posters too, which will be high on marketing sides. Aamir is known to market his movies well and following latest strategies closely, Mr. Perfectionist is very innovatively going to pique the interest levels for his movie.

P.K and its nude poster has become the talk of the town. If one poster can create such waves, we are just wondering what will the others that follow showcase and do! More nude poses from Aamir in the pipeline it seems!

Eventhough inspired from a Portuguese singer’s brand strategy, Aamir’s dare to bare avatar has just hit the masses with leveling interest.

Well! I must say, the nudity stunt, did manage to pull the crowd towards the film! Truly saidm ‘Joh Dikhta Hai Who Bukta Hai (What you see, sells)’.

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