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What it’s all about?

Oy is a youthful romantic film where the hero is cool and level headed and the heroine is calm and intelligent and knows what she wants in life. In way the film Oy is about the love story of two young but matured boy and girl.

The plot:

The plot is interesting though a bit clichéd. Rich boy Uday (Siddhartha) meets a middle class girl Sandhya (Shamili). It is love at first sight for Siddharth while Shamili is cool and does not respond.

There is a very valid reason for his. While Siddharth is rich, flamboyant and wants to enjoy every minute as life is ‘short and sweet’, Shamili on the other hand is a very practical girl. She looks and plans ahead. She stars saving for her retirement even before she is 25.

With such diverse mindsets it is only natural that they do not have any common interest to become friends. The hero then enters her house first as a paying guest and then slowly manages to impress her and find a place in her heart.

Just when things begin to look up for Siddharth, he gets a big shock. Siddharth learns that Shamili has cancer. Siddhartha’s uncle who is a doctor assures him that she will be alright with treatment and asks him to keep her happy from then on.

Siddhartha takes Shamili to Varanasi as she wants to immerse the ashes pf her parents. They first go by ship to Kolkata and from there they take a train and then a jeep.

The trip is filled with fun as Siddharth starts to fulfill her each and every wish. They return home and then Shamili is rushed to the hospital soon thereafter in a critical condition.

Shamili till then is not aware that she is suffering from cancer. Will she learn about it now and how will she react. Will she respond to the treatment and will she survive. Will Siddhu and Shamili live happily ever after?

Answers to all this and much more can be found on the screen.

The actors:

The film is a Siddhartha show all the way. Siddhu does an excellent job and this film will make him even more popular in Telugu. Shamili is good. This is her first film as heroine and she does a neat job. She may not be very glamorous by Tollywood standards but she has what it takes to make it as a heroine. We can expect to see more of Shamili in future.

Krishnudu is okay but his cute and innocent guy act is threatening to get monotonous. Surekha Vani for a change plays a glamorous role in jeans etc. Napoleon plays a largely guest role. Sunil, Ali and master Bharat do some comedy. The rest of the star cast is okay.

The music and the background scores are decent. Direction is also fairly impressive.

Best Scene:

The best scene in the film is when Siddharth wishes Shamili on her birthday and presents her with 12 gifts, one for each month of the calendar.

The bottom line:

Oy! with its fun filled moments and decent story and screenplay coupled with impressive performance by the lead actors and deft direction is a good movie to watch. Shamili calling the hero ‘Oy!’ instead of his name is well received by the audience.

The only drawback in the film is the heavy second half that is loaded with sentiment and many unwanted scenes and characters. The ending is also not what most people would want to see in a romantic film.

Still Oy makes for a decent watch


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