Oxygen Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Oxygen
Movie Rating 2.5/5
Movie Cast Gopichand, Rashi Khanna, Anu Emmanuel, Jagapathi Babu
Director Jyothi Krishna
Music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja
Production Company AM Ratnam
Release Date November 30, 2017

It takes a lot of investment, passion, creativity, efforts and also patience to make a movie and to make it reach audience in any medium. There are many movies still lying in labs due to various reasons. Oxygen which stars Gopichand, Rashi Khanna, Anu Emmanuel, Jagapathi Babu and others which is directed by Jothi Krishna and produced by his father A M Rathnam has taken a very long time to make its way into theatres. Whatever may be the reasons, makers are finally relieved as it is in theatres now. This movie is promoted as an action entertainer with a lot of family values and emotions. Let’s see how audience receive it as it is releasing after some aggressive promotional campaigns.


Gopichand and Rashi Khanna in Oxygen
Gopichand and Rashi Khanna in Oxygen

Krishna Prasad (Gopichand) is an NRI, who comes to India to get hooked to Sruthi, daughter of a big businessman (Jagapathi Babu) who family is facing rivalry from unknown enemies in business. One after one, every person is killed in their family by unknown persons. They try their maximum best to avoid killings and they decide to send Sruthi (Raashi Khanna) to US with Krishna Prasad after their marriage. He is too good and very much kind. Sruthi asks him to come to India leaving everything in US for the sake of her and meanwhile persons in Sruthi’s family is killed by Krishna Prasad brutally. Who is Krishna Prasad? Why is he killing Sruthi’s family members? What is his story?

Cast and performance

Gopi Chand as Krishna Prasad and Sanjeev is superb and he played both the variations in his characters so convincingly. His dialogue delivery and his body language is good. Rashi Khanna as Sruthi is good and she looks gorgeous. Anu Emmanuel is nice in a brief role and looks good. Ali and Vennela Kishore are humorous when they appear. Jagapathi Babu did his best as usually. Nagineedu, Shayaji Shinde, Kick Shyam, Brahmaji are good. Abhimanyu Singh is nice. All other artists performed well.

Writing Department

Gopichand and ANu Emmanuel in Oxygen
Gopichand and ANu Emmanuel in Oxygen

Story of Oxygen is good and its screenplay is written in a template way. Dialogues are good.

Technical departments

Songs composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja are just okay. None of them can be remembered after the movie. Background score composed by Chinna is good but no track seemed to be original and all are heard once or more before in some other movies. Cinematography by Chota K Naidu and Vettri are good. Editing by Uddhav could have been more better. Art department worked well. Action and stunt sequences are composed well. Production values are good.


Interval bang


Cliches in character of Krishna Prasad


Oxygen is a war between bad guys who do bad to the society to earn money and a person who is affected by these bad guys. When the dosage of an ingredient in any hazardous product is increased beyond permissible limit to make people addicted to it then it directly affects the life span of the consumer. Director Jothi Krishna who also happens to be the story writer of this movie could have concentrated more on creating interesting characters and writing engaging screenplay. There are many traces of movies like Ramayya Vasthavayya, Mirchi and some more. Director even failed to get good songs from a composer who gave many chartbusters. It has become unwritten rule in Telugu cinema that entire first half is to be used for some comedy scenes, songs and love track of main leads and the actual story is revealed only in the second half. The same rule has been used in this movie also. With formulaic screenplay and a social message in the end of the movie, Oxygen is just another movie in Gopichand’s career and disappointment for debutante director.

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