Oscar winner forgot his Oscar In Bathroom!

Colin Firth partied hard after his Oscar win for the Best Actor but the ‘King’s Speech’ star almost lost his 8lb golden statuette after he left it in the bathroom.

The actor who won the accolade for his performance as the stuttering King George VI in the British drama, was celebrating the win at a string of swanky champagne soirees but he almost lost the trophy during his trip to the toilet.

Luckily, the cloakroom attendant spotted it on a cistern and chased after the star to hand it back, the Mirror reported.

"Everyone was trying to buy him drinks. He may be 50 but he knows how to party and was determined to make the most of the occasion," an Oscar source said.

The British film eclipsed its big US rival ‘The Social Network’ to win best picture, director and original screenplay.

After the ceremony, Colin hit the Governor’s Ball, a Latin-themed bash where he and wife Livia mingled with Best Actress winner Natalie Portman before heading to Vanity Fair’s party.

His final venue was the private Harvey Weinstein bash where the cast and crew of ‘The King’s Speech’ drank cocktails until after 2am. They included Helena Bonham Carter, who lost out on Best Supporting Actress to ‘The Fighter’s Melissa Leo.(PTI)

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