Orange First Week collections

Ramcharan Teja,Genelia starring ‘Orange’ has collected a total of Rs.26.95 Crores all over the world. Below are the area-wise shares.

Shares collected in areas mentioned below,

Area First Week Share(In Crores)

Nizam 7.00

Ceded 5.10

Nellore 1.00

Krishna 1.32

Guntur 2.00

North Andhra 2.00

East Godavari 1.40

West Godavari 1.50

Total A.P. Share 21.30

Karnataka – Rs. 2,50,89,420,

Overseas – Rs. 2,80,00,000

Orissa, North India, Tamil Nadu – Rs. 45,10,420

Total overseas upto nearly 5.75 crores.

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