‘I am Not Opposing Inncocent’, Kalpana Explains

After the news media reported that Kalpana was supporting the opposition candidate of Innocent for the Aam Aadmi Party, Noorruddin, Kalpana hastily explained herself and retracted her statements.

“I have no politics. As the president of AMMA, Innocent is my Chief Minister and if asked I’m willing to speak for him in his constituency,” says the veteran comedic actress.

Mollywood political - Kalpana

The whole thing was a misunderstanding which was further distorted in the news. She says she was speaking at a function for the Janaseva Shishubhavan, of which she is a Chairperson. She was asked there by the president of the organisation, Mr. Jose Maveli. It was here that the speech which caused all the trouble happened.

“What hurt me is that they skewed the facts to make it seem like I was against Innocent. I was only speaking apolitically for the need for social service in today’s society.”

Kalpana also added that she would speak to Mr. Maveli, in order to help clear the misunderstanding up and would then decide if she would further help to coordinate and work with his organisation.

“Even if I were to enter into politics myself, it would be after speaking with my family and friends. In the last few years, I have voted only once.” She explains.

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