Oosaravelli Review

Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

It is
Remember the film that released about 2 weeks back, except for the Star, nothing much had changed in this new release.

Like the film’s title suggestion, the protagonist (NTR playing Tony) is one of varied personas. In reality though (even tough the film’s smaller characters keep telling us that this a VERY different character) nothing in the film is mildy original, including Tony’s much talked about super cliche of a character. Our guys will be themselves whatever be the film.

Tony embodies all the usual hero traits : he can get a girl, tease her with his mild intelligence, hit guys, can almost fly, basically a very nice guy, a guy with a violent past, doesn’t mind dancing in random countries, can confuse, irritate and manipulate people. And for some reason has his name tattooed on his neck.

Tony’s in Kashmir when the film starts and yes there are terrorists since it being Kashmir. Terrorists take him and a few others hostage. But, the terrorists were nice enough people to leave him with Tamanna (Niharika) in a nicely lit basement. They get to talking, kind
of kiss and that inspires Tony to break the shackles. After which the film had strictly followed the drill of guns, stupid looking gangsters and heavy pasts.

The main idea for writing a film has become this need for a HIT screenplay and all we trust are already HIT ideas. With that being the case, all we have are scripts that have been jumbled around in whatever way seems like an original jumble. This being a film that contributes to that practice (proudly), you already know the plot and who is playing what.

What’s good?
Rasool Ellore’s photography was my favorite part of it. The songs were enjoyable (except for the ones on sets). After a long while we get to see NTR under some good lights and in some neat frames.

Three of Devi’s tracks and the BGM came to rescue. Then again, there is this rather funny track whenever there is Anju Bhai on screen (Prakash Raj).

Need for originality
With no one willing to take a chance with some original screenplays, every major feature has almost the same, confusing and pointless narrative.
And we need to kill lesser people in our films.
The crude and pointless violence is very out of control. Killing or trashing 100 plus people doesn’t even bother any one any more.

When he dances or when he gets a decent moment to act out, NTR does shine. He’s got what it takes. If he just starts taking his chances, he can become the much missed Matinee Idol.

Tamanna’s been given a lot more than the usual random appearences females are being asked for. Not that she made anything of it.

If you’ve seen any of the hits in the past few years you’ve already seen this. Even if you haven’t, there is no real need to.

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