Oopiri Chair Costs Rs 25 lakhs

Nagarjuna Akkineni and Karthi starrer ‘Oopiri’ is slated for release on 25th March.

The story is about the relation between a wheelchair-bound billionaire and a crook turned his caretaker. The prominence of the wheelchair used by Nagarjuna in ‘Oopiri’ can be find out when we inform you that producer of the film, PVP, had shelled out a huge sum of Rs 25 lakhs for it.

Oopiri Movie Chair Cost
Oopiri Movie Chair Cost

The sophisticated wheelchair is well customized to give maximum comfort to Nagarjuna as he had to sit in it for the entire film aka the entire shooting period. As per reliable sources, the same Swedish firm, which had manufactured the customized wheelchair for the original, ‘The Intouchables’ movie, had prepared this wheelchair for ‘Oopiri’.

One must appreciate the efforts of makers to doll out such huge sum to make this passionate and a bit risky film.

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