‘Onnum Mindathe’ to Face Legal Trouble?

The Jayaram starrer ‘Onnum Mindathe’ directed by Sugeeth just came out a couple of days back to positive reviews. Fans have judged it as a movie worth a watch. However, a dark cloud of controversy has set its shadow on the film, with director Mohan claiming that the movie is a reflection and possibly a rip off of his old movie ‘Aalolam’ which came out in 1982 and starred Bharath Gopi, Nedumudi Venu and K.R. Vijaya.

“Just the names of characters have been changed and their roles have been replaced in essence,” says an outraged Mohan who blames director Sugeeth for not asking his permission. Sugeeth himself had openly admitted that ‘Aalolam’ had been an inspiration for his movie by giving it a courtesy.

‘Aalolam’ was written by Mohan himself along with writer John Paul while Onnum Mindathe’s screenplay was written by Rajesh Raghavan and was produced by Shafeer Sait under the banner of Qurban Films.
aalolam poster

It is rumoured that the new movie may now face legal issues if Mohan deems it necessary. We have to wait and see what Sugeeth has to say about this debate and if his movie is really a case of artistic plagiarism or worse – intellectual property theft.

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