“No one will marry me” – Kangana

Actress Kangana Ranaut made a surprising statement off late with the press. The 27 year old actress, who is riding high with the success of Queen, said that she will be doing a totally new role in her upcoming film, Revolver Rani.

“When I went for the narration of this film, my sister had come with me. She advised me not to do the film as the character was crazy, twisted, aggressive; abusive…The character seemed difficult, impossible to create on screen. But I took it up.”


Kangana also made a funny statement after that

“After watching Revolver Rani, no one would want to marry me” she said, making the press laugh.

The actress who is known for choosing unconventional roles on screen right from the beginning of her career, always dares to challenge herself with one level high when it comes to performances.

“After an overwhelming response to Queen, Revolver Rani is special to me, the hopes are high. It is an unusual film right from its concept, story, treatment etc,” she said.

Kangana is currently shooting for the film at Chambal, where the crime rate is atrociously high.

“If I was aware that there are people on whom two – three murder cases are there, people have guns…I would not have done it. I wuldnt have taken the risk to go there” she stated.

The actress shared a scary incident that happening while filming, when a convoy of about four to five cars carrying the film crew and a police van were stopped by 12 to 15 men armed with guns and knives.

“The dacoits wanted to pose for pictures with me and refused to let the car pass. Kabir (Sai Kabir the director) managed to reason with them and succeeded” she smiled.

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