Music of ‘One Two Three’ fails to strike

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Menon Film:

"One Two Three"

Music Composer: Raghav Sachar

Lyricist: Aditya

DharSingers: Raghav Sachar, Kunal Ganjawala, Shilpa Rao, Mahalaxmi Iyer, Sunidhi Chauhan, Kailash Kher, Ninad Kamat, Kaptaan Laadi

Rating: **

His successful stint with Kabul Express has been getting composer Raghav Sachar quite a few offers in Bollywood lately. After the music for Sunday, he composes for One Two Three. But the results aren’t as impressive as one would expect from a trained musician like him.

Indian classical instruments make their presence felt to the maximum in the romantic number "Gup Chup". The santoor and tabla play their individual notes alongside Sachar and Mahalaxmi Iyer’s vocals. Their contrasting vocals sound fresh, but Aditya Dhar’s lyrics are unimpressive and can be given a complete miss.

Sunidhi Chauhan is bound to upset her fans with "I wanna guy". Her vocals go over the top. Sunidhi and the instruments on board practically have a competition as to who could get more screechy. One can clearly skip this track without a doubt.

"Lakshmi Narayan" sees Ninad Kamat making an entry. He renders his vocals to the song that is more dialogue-based and would be better received on screen. Film dialogues are a major part of this number, making the track a better deal than the previous two.

"One Two Three" again has the Sachar stamp all over it as far as the composition goes. Sticking to his style, he throws in a lot of less-heard instruments to accompany Kunal Ganjawala’s and his vocals. What’s different and moderately unbelievable about the song is that Sachar renders the female version of this track and that too with panache.

"Rock mahi" might just bring Sunidhi back to her fans’ favourite list. Her duet with Sachar is a relief from the earlier tracks as both singers suit the rock-cum-jazz music. Sachar’s final touch with the flute was all that the song needed to make it a complete circle.

While Sachar’s stint with "One Two Three" may not hit the jackpot, his singing capabilities would surely not go unnoticed. The album comprises nine average tracks in total that are purely situational and isn’t really the kind to make for good audio listening.

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