One Night Stand Review – Mediocre movie

Rating: 1.5/5

Critic Rating: (1.5/5)

Sunny Leone is the only name that is familiar with respect to the film One Night Stand. And the expectations or the weighing factor would undoubtedly be about the amount of oomph she has generated in the film. Unfortunately for such fans, One Night Stand has hardly anything compared to her previous 7 films where she played the lead. Though the title is titillating to pull the crowds, the movie doesn’t have that Sunny factor.

One Night Stand
One Night Stand

One Night Stand has a plot that is sufficient to turn it into a good script with interesting screenplay. Sadly, it doesn’t happen. This is the story of Urvil (Tanuj Virwani). Because of a bet with his friends, he meets a stranger and talks to her. The stranger is Celina (Sunny Leone). They both talk and have excess of liquor eventually doing a one night stand. However, she disappears in the morning with no clue of her details. Urvil is a married man and suddenly finds Celina in a shopping mall. The unforgettable one night stand’s effect is reignited in him and he starts getting obsessed with Celina. Urvil , meanwhile is also deep into his profession and faces an issue which puts him in a soup. Does the work and Celina have something in common? Where will Urvil end up, forms the rest of the story.

Director Jasmine Moses Dsouza does a fair job in the direction part but it’s the script that falter a lot. The first half is bearable but you cannot stand the second half. It becomes tedious as it progresses. To make it further bad, the lead actor played by Tanuj delivers a below average performance. Looks like a pure recommendation candidate. Sunny Leone performs way better than him. So one can imagine, how bad Tanuj was. The supporting characters were however pretty decent justifying their roles, and also not contributing to the drawbacks of the movie.

One night Stand Poster
One night Stand Poster

Music is one of the very few good things about the film. Peg Maar Le is a foot tapping number and Ijazat is one good melody.

Most probably, this will be Sunny’s second mistake after Kuch Kuch Locha hain where her film goes unnoticed. Though her other films have also not done great business, they were at least popular. One Night Stand will mostly go unnoticed. She should make wise choices in order to be in limelight and not be part of movies that become invisible in no time.

On the whole, One Night Stand is a mediocre film with a potential plot but miserably fails at the execution level , leaving only very few scenes to cherish. In short, you cannot stand this ‘One Night Stand’.

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