No one buying Pawan Kalyan Hatao Politics Bachao book?

Pawan Kalyan Hatao Politics Bachao Book

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is a sensational personality in films as well as in politics. Recently, several politicians responded on Pawan’s political entry and few of them were on the opposite side. Now, Pawan Kalyan fever came into the writers’ section too.

A writer named Srinivas came up with a book ‘Pawan Kalyan Hatao.. Politics Bachao”. This turned out to be a sensation and fans of Pawan Kalyan stated that it is all for the sake of cheap publicity. Now, few reports came on to the media that the sale of this book is at its least.

It seems that the Pawan Kalyan fans decided not to buy this book. Adding to this, few other stars fans too supported this and they too decided not to buy this book. Reports stated that, this made this book sale to fall at its least in spite of conducting exhibitions.

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