OMG: Roy’s Boond Boond Video is highly “Inspired” by?

Roy's Boond Boond Video

Plagiarism has been widely prevalent in Bollywood Industry and the makers have time and again been accused of churning out films, music, posters and music videos highly “inspired” from the other parts of the world. Reason I said inspired in quotes is that they don’t like the word “copied” being pushed in their faces directly. So “inspired” sounds sophisticated rather than blatantly calling it a copy of something.

While debutante director Vikramjit Singh is getting applauses and praises for his upcoming film “Roy”, starring Arjun Rampal, Jacqueline Fernandez in lead roles, along with a special role by Ranbir Kapoor; the latest video of the song Boond Boond is out and garnering positive reviews.

The video is shot in an exotic way and also in a very unconventional one. But what many don’t know is that it is almost directly lifted from American Singer-Songwriter, Lana Del Rey’s Song- Blue Jeans. Those who have seen Lana’s Blue Jeans video and then seen the video of the song, Boond Boond sung by Ankit Tiwari, have almost sighed in disappointment. The whole swimming pool sequence, lighting, styling even the way Arjun Rampal fags and gets out of his clothes, gets into the pool, Jaqueline’s poise, their pool romance, their chemistry and so many other things are lifted directly from the video.

The only part not taken from Lana’s video is the part where by the beach Jacky performs a ballet and Arjun watches. That has been added by the makers upon their free will. But other than that the video is just plainly copied almost cut-to-cut!

No wonder Arjun Rampal is looking insanely hot and Jacqueline is too sizzling in the avatar. But the whole fun of the video is dampened when we find out that it isn’t too authentic.

Watch both the videos right here and find out the similarities yourself:

Lana Del Rey’s Blue Jeans

Ankit Tiwari’s Boond Boond from Roy

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