OMG! 300 cuts for the epic Padmavati movie

Padmavati’s release date came as a relief for the fans and stars alike. However, the relief comes with the cost of the film being butchered at the editor’s table. While CBFC may have cleared the film with just five modifications, the creators of the film are working round the clock to meet Padmavati’s release date of January 25.

Padmavati Movie Cuts
Padmavati Movie Cuts

It seems like CBFC’s five recommendations are turning out to be 300 cuts for Padmavati. The film certification board has allegedly asked its creators to remove all mentions of real-life locations like, Mewar, Delhi and Chittor.

The changes will eventually not allow the audience to draw any similarities between the production and historical facts, thereby making it a work of fiction. The movie’s clearance came with a U/A certificate, 5 cuts and a change in name from Padmavati to Padmavati.

Padmavati is getting ready to deliver on the hype and expectations which the film built following protests against its release.

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