Om Shanti Om

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An incredibly credible and creditable chronicle of reincarnation




Om Shanti Om is a sumptuous celluloid feast for the eyes and ears. The film is a sensitively and sensibly crafted story of love, of dreams, of sensational human selfishness  stooping down to criminal deceit and the inevitable final divine justice.


Om Prakash Makija( Shah Rukh Khan) is a struggling junior artiste working in films during the period of nineteen seventies. His mother( Kiran Kher) is also a small time actress. Om has dreams of becoming a super star. Shantiprya (Deepika Padukone) is the reigning heroine of that time.


In a fire accident on the sets, while shooting for a film, Shanti is caught with raging flames all around. Om, who is playing the role of an extra in that film, saves Shanti and an affectionate friendship develops between them. Om imagines that Shanti is genuinely in love with him.

Om’s dreamy empire crashes down, when he learns that Shanti is already secretly married to film producer Mukesh Mehra( Arjun Rampal). In an unexpected denouement, Mehra literally decimates Shanti in an orgy of fire, since he wants to officially marry someone else, who is rich enough to finance his films. Om tries to rescue Shanti, but the goons of the producer foil his attempts. He meets with an accident and dies. 

After thirty years, in this present life, Om Kapoor( Shah Rukh Khan) is an award winning super star in the filmland. Gradually and through meaningful coincidences, Om realises the tragedy of his previous life. When he recognises Mehra, he decides to pay him in his own coin, so as to bring solace to the restless soul of Shantipriya.



Shah Rukh Khan gave a brilliant performance, first as a struggling junior artiste and as a super star. Deepika Padukone is simply fabulous. Her mature acting makes one wonder whether she is truly a debutante. Both in looks and while emoting, she unmistakably appears to be blessed with the best of Asha Parekh and Rekha. In the role of quintessential motherhood Kiron Kher gave an electrifying performance. Arjun Rampal played the role of a sophisticated villain to perfection. Shreyas Talpade gives a decent performance. Bindu and Javed Sheikh are adequate. 



Farah Khan’s conceptualisation of the film is immaculate. Characterisation of each role is minutely and maturely delineated. The screenplay of this main stream film is delectable. Being a professional choreographer, Farah handles Om Shanti Om with a lyrical sensitivity of a ballad and the alluring sensibility of a ballet. The feel of the 70s Bollywood is convincingly portrayed.

V.Manikandan’s cinematography is exhilaratingly splendid. The music composed by Vishal and Shekhar is astounding. It appeals to the body, mind and soul. The picturisation of the songs is done superbly. The dialogues and lyrics are meaningful and appropriate. Audiography is punctuated by spells of eerie silences that enhance the narration style. The title song of the film, with Bollywood’s who is who participating, makes the crazy film fans go dizzy.


Om Shanti Om is Farah Khan’s tribute to Bollywood of the glorious 70s. It is an incredibly credible and creditable chronicle of reincarnation and a cleverly crafted wholesome entertainment.

Om Shanti Om is an eminently watchable film. It is indeed a delightful Diwali dhamaka.

– Deen Kumar

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