Om Puri goes for divorce

After all that has been written about Om Puri’s troubled relationship with his wife Nandita Puri, the marriage is now headed downhill. Om Puri has started the divorce proceedings against his estranged wife.

Early this week, Nandita and her lawyer received a letter from Om’s lawyer asking her for a divorce. The letter also requested her to agree to sign it so all proceedings could be finished amicably and with mutual consent.

If Nandita does not sign the papers in the next two weeks, Om will file a petition in the Family Court. “It would be better for Om and his family if things do not reach that stage. Else, it would amount to washing dirty linen in public,” says a source.

Om and Nandita had parted ways rather acrimoniously some time ago but had later reconciled with each other. But things have now reached a dead-end, at least for Om.

According to the source, both Om and Nandita love their son Ishaan a lot. Neither of them wanted the marriage to end. So, they gave it another shot. And they publicly declared their reunion with a party for close friends to celebrate their wedding anniversary on May 1, 2010.

“But lately, Om and Nandita have been quarreling a lot. Om has finally decided to end it. He now spends most of his time in their second flat,” reveals the source. When contacted however, Om denied the story.

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